64.6 mb KEENING SOUNDTRACK - Volume 1 Download Now 13 songs from Keening Part One, for your listening pleasure. Properly tagged with album art, song titles, artist names, and track numbers, ready for use on your mp3 player software or device.

Download each of the files listed above. You will need all of them for Keening to function, except for the soundtrack, which is for your itunes, ipod, or other mp3 device.

For an introduction to the basics of mod installation, consult this page at Bethesda's forums.


Keening uses .bsa files. These need to be written in to your Morrowind.ini file's archives.
BSA Registration utilities may not work, so always check the .ini to confirm.

Archive 2=KN_Keening_Clothiers.bsa
Archive 3=Keening.bsa

You may cut and paste the text above and paste it into your Morrowind.ini file under "Archives." The Archive number itself is not important if you need to list it after other bsa files you may already have set up.

To the left is your data files window in the launcher. You will need the checked files in your launcher, though the highlighted ones do not need to be activated.


Keening was birthed out of an experiment to build a mod off of Morrowind Comes Alive. It is designed to match the design sense of the NPCs in MCA. Although Keening does not include any texture replacers that will change your regular Morrowind experience, Keening is not designed as a Vanilla Morrowind Project.

Morrowind Comes Alive 7.0 will add additional NPCs to your existing game for flavor. Although Keening does make use of this engine, Keening will be making use of the lesser-known creatire, armor, race, and weapon resources that are part of the package. With the release of MCA 7, a menu will open in-game the first time you run it that will allow you to customize which of its features you want in your game, such as bandits and creatures, which are now optional. These options should not affect your Keening experience directly. Make sure you download version 7.0, as keening has not been tested or updated for v8+

Westly's Master Head Pack needs to be installed, but does not need to be activated at this time. Keening makes use of the resources directly through MCA. Activating it in your Data FIles menu will allow you to use the selection of heads and hair for player creation at the beginning of the game.

Better Bodies is included with the Keening Clothiers download, for your convenience. If you do not have it already, you will need to install it.

MCA_COV Addon.esp is optional. It will add clothing used in Keening to the wardrobes of MCA-generated NPCs throughout your game. It was designed for the stand-alone version of Clothiers of Vvardenfell, but is completely compatible with Keening Clothiers, which includes Clothiers of Vvardenfell in its entirety. This file is included with MCA and Keening Chapter 1 - use either file, they are identical.


Keening Clothiers is nothing more than a compilation of two amazing clothing mods:
- Clothiers of Vvardenfell by Korana, Lady Rae, and BadKarma
- Gothic Attire Complete by Qarl and Cenobite
Keening Clothiers includes balancing edits by Spoon Thief, Cleaning and Optimazation by abot, and exterior relocation for compatibility and lore friendliness by Dana Nova Darko.

OPTIONS: The original .esp files for these mods are included in the download in the event that you wish to use them instead. The Keening Clothiers bsa file can be used for the originals as well, so you do not need to download the files for the original mods in order to use them. The diagram below explains the options for Keening Clothiers, though of course, simply using Keening Clothiers is recommended.

Better Bodies.esp
Gothic Attire Complete v1-1.esp OR GAC_replacer.esp


Running this utility to select "Scripted Music Uninterruptable" will allow the new music to function properly in select locations. Keening music does not in any way replace the original Morrowind Soundtrack by Jeremy Soule.