Q: Is Keening Lore-Friendly?

A: Yes. Though new lore is added in order to tell a story, Keening makes an attempt not to go against any existing Morrowind lore, while filling in gaps and expanding it. Morrowind lore is intentionally open to interpretation, and Keening's new lore will be able to be speculated upon as well.

Q: Why are there random wings on people?

A: There is a winged race in Keening that is tied into an expansion of existing lore. I am not sure why people keep asking this question in such a negative way, but all of the character designs are deliberate and tied into the storyline.

Q: Why is it called "Keening City"? Isn't that the name of a weapon?

A: Simple, without giving spoilers: The founder of the city is eccentric, knows about the weapon, and for very specific reasons, named the city after it.

Q: Where does Keening start? What do I do?

A: This is detailed in the documents included in the download. Keening's storyline begins in Khuul.

Q: Is this an actual expansion pack?

A: No, it is a mod. It is being designed to offer a similar set of content as an expansion pack, which includes a new location, new characters, new main quest, new items and creatures, new tile sets, and additional side quests.

Q: Chapter 1? How many chapters will there be?

A: Ten chapters are planned, though Chapter 9 will be the end of the storyline. Each chapter offers a new scenario such as an alternate dimension ruled buy dagoth ur, time travel to the first era, a trip to oblivion, and the early years of the Ingenium. Chapter One introduces the storyline: the faction, landmass, city, and the new cast of characters. Work has begun on aspects of all of the chapters, and the plot concepts are fairly well set down on paper as of now.

Q: Is Keening compatible with Tamriel Rebuilt?

A: Yes. The landmass was moved far to the east of TR, and should be far off the map.

Q: How does Keening affect/ change Vvardenfell?

A: Not much. A house is added to the outskirts of Ald Velothi. Some NPCs (Watchers) are added to the exteriors of several cities. A group of shacks is added just outside of Khuul. A new barrow is added in Solstheim. Additionally, Keening Clothiers adds a few NPCs and some extra rooms inside various locations.

Q: Are there any known conflicts?

A: The north end of Keening's secret island (aka X-Isle/ Korana) clips over Lothavar's Legacy's ocean, though both mods may be able to be played together if you don't mind a chunk taken out of the beach.

Please report any conflicts to us if you find any. If possible, a patch can be made.

Q: Why is Morrowind Comes Alive needed to play Keening?

A: MCA, (along with Clothiers of VVardenfell and Gothic Attire Complete) is the inspiration for this mod's existence. Without it, Keening would not have been created

A: MCA is a popular mod that is still growing and being updated, and Keening with grow along with it.

A: Keening makes use of MCA's design style, randomizing engine, and assets such as races, clothing, and creatures such as the Undead. Plans to actually make use of many of the NPCs added in Vvardenfell are also in the works.

A: Lastly, as much as it is a draw for people who like the style and purpose of MCA to play Keening, it is a deterrent against people who do not like MCA who would not enjoy Keening, either. MCA adds more NPCs, which requires a slightly more powerful computer than base Morrowind. The main cell in Keening City is very, very detailed and intense, so someone who cannot run MCA would not be able to run Keening City. Also, MCA makes use of clothing from Clothiers of Vvardenfell, as well as faces and hair from Westly's Master Head pack. People who do not like those aesthetics will not like Keening, as it makes use of the same assets.

Q: I use Starfire's NPCs instead of Morrowind Comes Alive. Can I still play Keening?

A: Yes, Starfire's and Morrowind Comes Alive are compatible, and do different things. You would still need MCA for Keening to function.

Q: Can you remove the NPCs from Morrowind Comes Alive so that my computer can handle it?

A: No. If your computer can't handle MCA, then it is a good standard that it will not be able to handle Keening City. Additonally, editing and releasing an edited version of MCA would be an insult to the creator. It is also a very script-heavy mod that would be very difficult to edit, but you are welcome try to edit MCA or Keening for your own personal use if you really want to.

Q: I like plain Vanilla Morrowind. Why are there new faces and clothes?

A: This is 2012. Keening is aimed at people who have updated their Morrowind, as it is a ten year old game. There is so much good material out there that is created by the community, so the purpose of this mod is to celebrate that work and bring it to life. Although it is totally compatible with Vanilla Morrowind, people who prefer unmodded Morrowind are simply not the target audience. A head/ face replacer such as Better Heads, at least, is recommended to make the experience feel seamless. NPCs further outside of the city have a more "earthy" look to them - I have tied the new clothing and hair into the culture of the City.

Q: Is this an overhaul?

A: No. Although Keening includes a lot of new material that is used in the new areas, it does not include any object or texture replacers. The screenshots featured on this site were taken with my own preference of a modded Morrowind. Your experience will vary depending on how you mod your game.

Q: What level should my character be?

A: I have played Chapter one with a resourceful, well-equipped 6th level character. Wild guess, I recommend level 10+ and a lot of smarts on the player's part for Chpater One. The Keening series will get progressively rougher as it progresses, so ultimately you will need a character that is powerful enough to experience something on a Tribunal/ Bloodmoon level.

Q: Do I have to complete the main quest in order to play Keening?

A: No. Only the final quest at the end of Chapter 9 will require Dagoth Ur to be dead.

Q: Do I need to have Tribunal and Bloodmoon?

A: Yes.

Q: Why is Better Bodies required?

A: Without it, the new clothing will clip. I haven't tried it, but if for some reason you actually prefer the vanilla bodies, you're welcome to use them if you don't mind clipping.

Q: Why is Westly's Master Head Pack required?

A: It is used by and required by Morrowind Comes Alive. So, Keening makes good use of it. If I had to design my NPCs with the limited and outdated faces of Vanilla Morrowind, the project would not have even been created. This mod does not need to be activated in order to work with Keening.

Q: Why is Morrowind Code Patch included/ required?

A: Without it, the new music will not function properly. Code Patch is not required if you don't mind the situational music cutting out randomly.

Q: I understand there is new music in Keening. Does it replace Jeremy Soule's soundtrack?

A: No. New music will play only in certain locations or events. Most of your Keening experience will be normal Morrowind music, or whatever music system you are using.